Bob Bratt – An Experienced Manager and Executive

Bob Bratt imageAn experienced manager with expertise in the public and private sectors, Bob Bratt is the Chief Operating Officer of DLA Piper. He has more than three decades of experience managing complex programs in commercial and government operations. A former executive with the Department of Justice, Bob Bratt has worked with members of Congress, the White House, and cabinet agencies in numerous high-profile programs, including the redress program to compensate Japanese Americans wrongfully detained in World War II. His accomplishments have been noticed at the highest levels; he has received the President’s Council on Management Improvement Award, the President’s Meritorious Executive Rank Award, and the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award.

Bob Bratt began his work at the Department of Justice in 1978, and he continued with the organization until 2000, when he moved into the private sector. During his time in the DOJ, he served in various positions, including Executive Officer in the Civil Rights Division and Executive Officer in the Criminal Division. As an executive officer, he helped to increase efficiency, reduce expenditures, and update automation and other technologies. Robert Bratt managed several programs as executive officer, taking on at various times the roles of Acting Director of the Wireless Management Office, Executive Director of the Office of Naturalization Operations, and Director of the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program.

Bob Bratt’s first move into the commercial sector came when he accepted a position as Vice President with Science Applications International Corporation. As VP, then as Corporate VP, Robert Bratt oversaw software deliverables valued at more than $800 million and managed telecommunications portfolios valued at $7 million, which under his stewardship doubled in value in just over a year and a half. Prior to undertaking his role at DLA Piper, Bob Bratt joined Unisys Corporation, where he started as Lead Civilian Partner, then served as Managing Partner in the Civilian Services Sector and Managing Partner in Civilian and Homeland Security.